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Banned on Chowhound Halloween Special: Calling People Evil Not Allowed

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Welcome to the newest feature 'round these here parts: Banned on Chowhound, in which we right the wrongs suffered by you at the hand of those eraser-happy Chowhound moderators. Wrote a post only to have it banned? We can most certainly help.

2007_10_bannedchnd.jpgSeveral weeks ago, a commenter alerted us to the fact that Chowhound disallowed a post that saw a user point out the well-publicized incident of Anthony Bourdain calling Rachael Ray "evil." At the time, the ban seemed pretty ludicrous, considering it was a well-known incident involving high-profile food personalities.

Today, another reader alerted us to a newly-deleted post that referred to a hostess as "evil." We checked the rss reader, natch, and lo and behold, the lost post:

My wife and her friends stopped in at Cafe de la Presse (352 Grant Ave, S.F.) for coffee this morning. As they entered the hostess stopped them from sitting at the coffee bar and lead them to a table. When they said they only wanted coffee, she told them that they couldn't sit at a table and walked off. They went back to the bar, where they had tried to sit in the first place. When the waitress tried to put silverware and glasses in front of them, the hostess ran up and in a demeaning/threatening voice, told the waitress not to give them anything. She was rude, belligerent and evil. I would suggest no one patronize the place.
Conclusions? Not even Halloween permits slanderous, grudge-holding husbands to call food service workers evil. For once, we're siding with the Chowhound moderators in the Cafe de la Presse post, but maintain that the Bourdain-Ray "evil" post should be allowed. Doesn't a full-blanket ban of the word seem a bit ... fascist?

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Notice your Chowhound post just got deleted for an unknown reason? Cry on our shoulder.