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Marina Report: The Grove Expanding?

The Grove, on the right. Proposed expansion, highlighted. Marina BMW, on the left.

Recent reports out of the Marina indicate a bit of a cold war going on between a pair of neighboring diner-cafes on Chestnut Street. The Grove Cafe (2250 Chestnut) has a notable expansion planned into the space next-door that once housed a retail clothing store. Said expansion will not only add about 660 square feet and 27 seats to The Grove's existing 48 seats, but it will also allow the restaurant to morph into a full-service establishment. At the zoning-transfer hearing, however, there was a protest to the expansion from ... Judy's Cafe, the place just several doors down the block (2268 Chestnut) that is obviously not pleased that The Grove is looking to go full-service. So now that a protest has been filed, the proposal must go to hearing on November 8th. You do hate to see that.

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