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SoMa Rife With Development, Gag-Inducing Smells

If only a photo could convey the "stench that kills everyone's appetite."

As you may noticed, both Eater and Curbed have developed quite the fascination with the ongoing Mint Plaza project, from the restaurant developments to the apartment complexes. The whole situation down in that area of SoMa—an attempt to instantaneously gentrify a real-life homeless stronghold—is really quite remarkable. With Gavin Newsom's recent outreach project underway (kinda), the always-excellent C.W. Nevius took to ground zero to investigate just how prevalent the problem has become. His findings? Let's just say that it doesn't seem to be a restaurant-friendly environment:

Ask Tim Carlos, VP of operations for the What's Up Dog hot dog joint just off the intersection of Third and Harrison streets. He's come to expect that when he starts work in the morning, he'll have to hose down the entrance because someone has defecated there during the night.

"I'd say it is every other day," Carlos says. "It's a stench that kills everyone's appetite."

Or check in with Lenny Phero, a workman who is helping to renovate the new plaza and apartment complex next to the Old Mint on Fifth Street ... It is hard to believe new residents will want to be greeted as Phero and co-worker Jerry VanDerHoeven are when they park their truck on Stevenson Street, an alley next to Fifth that the homeless and others use as a restroom.

"You walk down Stevenson right now," VanDerHoeven says, "and it smells so bad I start to gag."

On a totally unrelated note, we'd like to remind you of the outdoor patio seating at Sushi Groove. Also, we can't imagine why a tenant for that fourth and final restaurant space has been so hard to come by.
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