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EaterWire: Catch Expanding, Absinthe Partying

WESTFIELD—The newest addition to that famous little mall food court will be Catch Isle, the first quick service offshoot from the team at Catch in the Castro. They are aiming to unveil the digs around the second week of November. One can only hope they'll be serving their raw oysters, for no other reason than "oysters in a mall" sounds too surreal to pass up. Thanks to the mall-going reader who snapped the pictured plywood. [EaterWire]

HAYES VALLEY—Speaking of raw shellfish, exactly one week remains to purchase tickets to the first annual 'Little Feis Ile' Islay Malt & Oyster Festival at Absinthe. It's $50 a person, and takes place next Thursday October 11th. Details abound at the official site, and you should probably know that you haven't lived until you've shucked oysters with a malt in one hand. [EaterWire Inbox]

THE RICHMOND—Another mooncake destination has entered the fray. A third Napolean Bakery has been spotted at the intersection of 10th Avenue and Clement: "I passed a storefront (next to Coriya Hot Pot) that had familiar crimson red tined mooncake boxes under the windowsill of what I am guessing is third location for Napolean Bakery." [Chowhound]