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Curbed Rumblings: Mint Plaza Crime Swept Up, Mission Project Swept Under the Rug

As it turns out, Eater isn't the only new show in town; in case you missed it, Eater's neighborhood/real estate counterpart, Curbed SF, has been doing a bit of remodeling lately: new paint, new curtains, a backyard shed where Eater Staff can grow old, the works. To celebrate Curbed's renaissance, we'll bring you the highlights from our sister site every Friday.
The homeless feel the same way.

1) SoMa: The gentrification of SoMa shan't be deterred by petty crime, as our mayor kicked off an outreach program this week. Unfortunately, it seems that the sweep only encompasses the "important" area from 3rd to 5th Streets, which means that western SoMa is about to become a very troubled zone. Or, as we're going to call it: Hamsterdam.

2) The Mission: Burlingame developers enlisting "urban camouflage" to hide a new South Van Ness construction site from touchy neighbors? Next on a very special Dateline ...

3) Noe Valley: A "rather vibrant-looking" giant artichoke has already baptized the mural at the 24th Street Farmers Market.