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BREAKING: Pizza Orgasmica to Open in FiDi

Hot, orgasmical news fresh off the EaterWire: come November, Pizza Orgasmica will be opening in Two Embarcadero Center. Already boasting locations in the Marina and the Richmond, it will be the third location in the city for Pizza Orgasmica, the popular pizza parlor that showcases thin-crust pies with PG-13 names like "Menage à Trois" and uh, "Kinky Cow." Representatives at the Clement Street location have indeed confirmed the third location, and the liquor license application was just filed on Wednesday. For all intents and purposes, the theme, menu and whatnot of Orgasmica 3.0 will mirror the other two locations pretty closely, but there will obviously be a bigger emphasis placed on the area's lunchtime crowds. [EaterWire]