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On the Overly-Trendy Menu Item

The October issue of Radar sees Anthony Bourdain calling out restaurants for (over)serving menu items that are trendy in theory but tired in reality. In addition to foam and branded meats like Berkshire pork and Amish chicken, Bourdain also decries flavored salts, a known commodity of the Ritz's Ron Siegel:

"Be sure to sample our selection of flavored salts, and please await the water sommelier": A chef who offers anything other than sea salt probably refers to himself in the third person. When the water sommelier comes over, I reach for my gun.
Here in San Francisco, while we abhor being compared to the "be seen" dining scene of our SoCal counterparts, surely there exists no shortage of pretentious dishes. Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying the inherent humor in some menu items from our dear, dear city. Take, for example, the "flash-fried Antep pistachio encrusted salmon with wasabi cream sauce and unagi sauce drizzle" at the newly-opened Lolo and in the veteran category, Asia de Cuba's "grilled chipotle glazed strip steak with gingered chickpea fries and calabaza melon slaw."
· Anthony Bourdain's Overrated Menu [Radar]

Have food items that you're tired of seeing on menus? See a ridiculous description somewhere? A foam spotting? You know what to do.

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