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The Fro-Yo Wars: Update on Honeydoo's Delay

No frozen yogurt allowed?

And now, it's time for an update from the front lines of the frozen yogurt wars. Recent tremors were made by Jubili, which opened just this Saturday on Fillmore Street. Jubili's quick debut beat Honeydoo to the punch, whose storefront windows on the corner of Grant and Green have been adorned with its logos since summer. As you may recall, a public hearing notice appeared in the Honeydoo window a week or two ago, confirming suspicions that the delay was due in part to some bureaucratic issues. It turns out that the exact nature of the red tape is an issue not with the neighbors per se, but the all-powerful North Beach neighborhood association Telegraph Hill Dwellers. What follows is the Honeydoo people's explanation of the matter:

The issues concerning Honeydoo coming to North Beach involve a Change of Use, which, in turn, is only possible with a Conditional Use. The "condition" in NB is the approval of not only residents, but also the neighborhood association that exists there. Once that is obtained, we can proceed (and rather quickly) to get our building permits.

That is the reason for urging our supporters to communicate with our assigned planner - to demonstrate the support, and the urgency...

A Christopher Vu
Honeydoo, Inc.

A collection of supporters' signatures has been compiled by Honeydoo in preparation for its October 18th hearing in front of the Board of Supervisors. North Beach may be a great place to live, but goodness, with all the restaurant turnover and red tape, it most certainly is a difficult place to start a business. In the meantime, anyone from the neighborhood association is welcome to chime in.
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