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EaterWire AM Edition: Bella Reopen This Weekend

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THE RICHMOND—Despite looking quite the mess earlier this week, a newly-remodeled Bella Trattoria will be open this weekend, as scheduled (quite impressive, given its Monday state). They redid the floors, improved the bar and painted the exterior. They might open tonight, but it's still uncertain, so if they do, it'll be a quiet evening. The weekend is a certainty, as is a rustic winter menu with braised meats aplenty. [EaterWire]

THE CASTRO—Reactions have been mixed with regards to Gustofino Fine Foods, which opened earlier this month. Not even the caffeine high of Blue Bottle Coffee can offset a hole in the wallet: "I've been to newly-opened Gustofino three times in the last week, and taken food home. With the notable exception of the Bombolone, the food I got was pretty average, and it was a little too pricey. Also, not much of a selection. If they want to survive, they'll need to bump up the food and moderate prices." My, so much commotion in the Castro lately! [Eater Comments]

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