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Restaurant Shuffle: Thai BBQ Closes, Skipjack Readies

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The Shutter hits Potrero Hill [Photo: Yelp/Brady K]

In the everlasting restaurant shuffle, this week brings us the shuttering of Thai BBQ on Potrero Hill's 18th:

Since moving to Potrero more than three years ago Thai BBQ was our neighborhood carryout. They served simply prepared meat and sticky rice. Sometimes we went combo for the pork rib and chicken split; other nights we went all the way ribs.

I read online that the owners wanted to retire after 25 years in business. In a city full of revolving restaurants it's nice to hear that they chose to close the business.

While you never know if restaurants actually chose to close—like that loudmouth friend who "totally dumped" his girlfriend (after she broke up with him)—it's always nice to see an institution fade off into the sunset on its own accord, unlike a certain colonized pub. Speaking of the Barleycorn, moving into the Thai BBQ space, of course, will be the new incarnation of Skipjack Sushi under its new name, Umi. And Skipjack, closing at month's end, has been pushed out of its primetime Union Street location by Ms. Luisa Hanson and her upcoming Vino Teca project. See, everything is connected to everything else, like in Crash (... is that movie not hip anymore?).
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