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Iron Chef Listage

· Knowlton: "Besh Was the Clear Winner in Last Night's Test" [BA blog]
· Donatella Was Pissed at Ruhlman's Alleged Favoritism [Ruhlman]
· The Rise of Besh and Symon's Careers Should Inspire [AG on FN]
· Symon's New Nickname: "Secret Squirrel" [Plain Dealer]
· John Besh's Exit Interview [Food Network]
· Above All, Symon Makes For Better TV [CH]

Sidenote: so two of the three judges—Knowlton and Donatella—cast their votes for Besh, but the trio of Iron Chefs (there for the first time) and Symon's Cleveland buddy Ruhlman chose Symon. This doesn't seem entirely logical, does it?

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