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The Dish: O Izakaya Lounge Menu ... Revealed!

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[Photo: Life Begins at 30]

Despite rumors that the Hotel Kabuki's O Izakaya Lounge was only open to hotel guests this past weekend, we managed to wander in without any trouble, and well, it was very open (more on our experience later today). Flat-screens boasted the day's sporting events while a dozen or so patrons were scattered between the bar and numerous surrounding booths. As for the menu—the complete version is after the jump—the pros are that it's mostly traditional, the yakimono rock and there's a fair amount of Berkshire pork belly across the board (always a good thing by our standards). The bad: it's not as wide-ranging as we expected an izakaya menu to be, and a cheeseburger with bacon and mushrooms costs ... $20?

Black Butte Porter Tempura Mushrooms 7

Black Butte Porter Tempura Onion Rings 7

Mendocino Nori Tempura 7

Spiced Chicken Wings 9

Shichimi French Fries 4

Agedashi Tofu 6

Takoyaki 5 pieces 5

YAKIMONO - 2 per order
Pork Belly 4

Chicken Thigh 4

Beef Loin 4

Hamachi Belly 4

Omochi 3

8oz Meyer Burger on a Potato Black Pepper Bun 12

Add sharp cheddar, swiss, point reyes blue 2

Add bacon, maitake mushrooms, charred negi onion, avocado, shishito pepper, fried egg 3

Saba - cured mackerel, fresh grated wasabi, beet, cucumber 12

Hamachi Sunomono - pickled fennel, black radish, enoki mushrooms, kaiware 12

Albacore Tuna - karasumi, mizuna, tonnato sauce 12

Kamonasu - duck breast, eggplant, red miso 15

Butternut Squash Tempura - cream cheese, shiso, scallion, ponzu, green tea salt 10

Mendocino Seaweed - seaweed salad, apricot umeboshi, mustard greens 9

Persimmon - fuyu persimmon salad, japanese walnut chicories, piave vecchio 9

Oyako - poached egg, chicken liver gyoza 13

Pork Belly - Berkshire pork belly braised with house made kimchi, maitake mushrooms 14

Rock Shrimp & Tofu Dumplings - lobster broth, mizuna 15

Tai Snapper - glazed fall vegetables, sweet soy dashi 14

Sanma - broiled saury, arugula, garlic aioli 13

New York Strip - black pepper and mitsuba sauce, negi onion, poached daikon, chervil 19

Steamed Rice 4

Tsukemono 4

Miso Soup 4

All three items served together 8

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