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EaterWire: Golden Gate Bakery Hiatus, Explained

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CHINATOWN—Earlier this fall, the passing of the pastry maker, combined with the subsequent "temporary" shuttering of Golden Gate Bakery—home to the best mooncakes on this side of the Pacific—prompted a bit of mass hysteria on the Chowhound boards. Now comes word that the closure has been extended to November 17th. But don't worry, ye 'hounds. It may look dire, but according to the Golden Gate Bakery people, the only reason for the extended closure is that some staff went on vacation to China after the very busy Autumn Moon Festival season and then stayed longer than the anticipated two weeks. No ownerships changes either. Breathe out. [EaterWire, CH]

THE CASTRO—The first fortnight of business under their belts, Chef Randy Lewis and company at the newly-reopened Mecca have finalized their dinner menu. More or less, it's a big overhaul from the last version, with a decidedly Mediterranean tilt replacing the prior modern American one. Highlights include jamon serrano wood-grilled pizza, market fresh pasta and the entire dessert menu. Sadly, foam is not on this incarnation, but we can always hope. Also not on the online menu: prices. Tsk, tsk. Anyone have recent reports on the new Mecca? [Mecca Website]

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