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Oil Spill Update: Consumers Won't Notice

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With Drakes Bay oyster farm already closed indefinitely, KQED's Bay Area Bites has a fairly thorough update on the state of the food industry in the wake of the oil spill. In addition to oysters and Dungeness crabs, November is also prime season in the Bay Area for salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring and squid. If there is a tiny silver lining to this oil-black cloud, it's that—thanks to advancements in transportation and the like—diners might not even be affected:

Chances that the average Bay Area consumer will notice a difference in their fish counter are slim. "We get oysters from all up and down the coast," said Brian from Swan Oyster Depot on Monday. He went on to say that they had to change their source from Drake's Bay to other oyster companies from farther afield this week. "But we're always going to have oysters."
Unfortunately, while outsourced seafood will placate diners, the same can't be said of the local fisherman, whose harvests (and in turn, their livelihood) are pretty much in dire condition. We blame the Oxford Dictionary's coronation of "locavore" as the word of the year for jinxing the local fishing industry (and the boat pilot of course).

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