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Local Motion: Double-Sided Sign, Hot or Not?

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The signs gracing 330 First Street: rather lovely or rather hideous?

New signage—the ultimate signal that a restaurant is nearing opening—is always a cause for a tizzy around these parts, but differing opinions on the above double-sided sign at the upcoming Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant have turned Eater HQ into a bit of a debate forum this morning. Some think it's brilliant; some think it's much too much, especially since there's already an innocuous sign on the facade. To settle the stalemate, we consulted the resident design expert, who really did not help matters much: "It's rather lovely in a rather hideous kind of way. Like so bad, it's good. Break out the malibu rum." Upshot: still incomplete.

So we turn to you, dear readers. Cast your vote. Is neon fuchsia in? Is the die cast for the perfect neighborhood destination? Hot or not?
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