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Styrofoam Hunt, Part III: Old-Timers Get Involved

As most are aware, our fair city banned styrofoam from restaurants this summer. It has come to our attention that a surprising number of eateries continue to have a love affair with the banned containers and the city is not doing much about it. Given the reluctance/difficulty of municipal enforcement, The Styrofoam Hunt pledges to shed light on offending restaurants. Your findings to

2007_10_NOstyrofoam2.jpgThe third round of Eater's delightful witch hunt happens to involve several established San Francisco favorites who, like a great aunt steadfast in her ways, can't seem to let go of the styrofoam. Allow us to present the latest offenders:

1) Hahn's Hibachi: "We go to Hahn's all the time in West Portal and on Polk and I just noticed that they always put leftovers in a styrofoam clamshell. I hope they change because I'm addicted." [Eater Inbox]

2) Old Krakow: "I had dinner at Old Krakow last night on West Portal. It is one of my favorite places to go on a cool, foggy night. We ate so much food I asked for my plate to be boxed to go. Well I was surprised to see they were using a huge styrofoam container I must there you go..." [Eater Inbox]

3) Lefty O'Doul's: "I'm fairly certain I saw styrofoam being used at the buffet at Lefty O'Doul's Pub in Union Square." [Eater Inbox]

4) Powell's Place: "I went to Powel's [sic] last week, just in case it's closing soon and was surprised to see that they have styrofoam containers there." [Eater Inbox]

And thus, the scarlet letter of the Styrofoam Hunt has been doled out to more restaurants, this time proving that not even the old-school is immune. But there are plenty of more environment-destroying offenders out there, so this lil' investigation shall continue.
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As always, your sightings are crucial, so send your styrofoam sightings to the green tip line, please.

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