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Powell's Place Served Eviction Notice, NAACP Cries Foul

Yesterday afternoon, the Fillmore Center declined an 11th hour plan put forth by Powell's Place representatives to save the popular soul food joint, meaning that the sheriff department will take possession of the restaurant today. Fillmore Center representatives say that their refusal to further negotiate the matter stems from the simple fact that owner Emmit Powell is behind eight months and $150,000 in rent. According to BeyonChron, the plan offered less than half of the indebted amount, so it would appear to be a simple case of money.

However, the NAACP has gotten involved, and from a video on CBS, NAACPeople are decrying the eviction notice as a "part of a master plan to exclude black people from the city," saying that Powell's Place was set up to fail. As reported earlier here, Powell's does pay an outrageous amount in rent, reportedly more per square foot than anywhere in the Fillmore. The NAACP will reportedly continue to fight for Powell's, but as of today, the place is closed, because well, not paying rent for eight months will do that. Here's hoping the appeals process will lead to a fair solution for all, because that fried chicken is already sorely missed.

Ironically enough, tonight marks the formal grand opening of 1300, the upscale soul food lounge just a block away.
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