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Non-Shocker: TablePronto Reservations Not Selling

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No item inspired eye-rolls this week quite like the advent of TablePronto, your hush-hush, one-stop online destination for online reservation scalping. All of the reservations for sale are for the upcoming weekend, but they aren't exactly selling. To be precise, in the history of TablePronto San Francisco, it appears that they've only sold a single reservation. BUT, the resy was for Aqua, and Eater is dying to speak to the soul who purchased it, so if you nabbed that 8:45 two-top for tomorrow night, please do drop a line this way if you're interested in discussing the reasons behind the purchase, etc. We're offering a resy at the French Laundry* if you satiate our curiosity; identity will be kept anonymous, if desired.
· TablePronto [Official Site]
· Reservation Scalping Hits San Francisco [~ESF~]

*subject to availability

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