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Local Motion: Floating Wine Bottle Sighting

When you're on the phone outside of a soon-to-open restaurant—in this particular case, Local—and a random pedestrian interrupts said phone call to inquire about the nearby restaurant with the hope that you might know when it's opening, you know there's a bit of a buzz surrounding a place. While some, ahem, controversial signage persists at 330 First Street (NB: between Folsom and Harrison), there's no doubting the hotness of the restaurant's adjacent wine room (pictured, above), complete with back-lights that will give the illusion of wine bottles suspended in mid-air. Headed by Mark Bright, there will be 250 or so wines at first, with that number hoped to boost closer to 1,000 in the future. There will be food on hand too, but that's all just an afterthought to the floating wine bottles.
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