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Curbed Rumblings: Neighborhoods Named, Constructed and Planned

It's Friday, and that means it's time to share the week that was at Curbed SF.

1) The Submission: The big news of the week over yonder was the Name that Neighborhood contest. The area in question (above) was the blurry border zone between SoMa and the Mission. Many suggestions were bantered about, with even more votes were cast, but in the end, the winner was The Submission. We actually have a soft spot for one commenter's suggestion: "boring part between soma mission and potrero: bopabesomipo."

2) The Mission: Right behind Italian mecca Delfina is a high-profile development project called Chelsea Park. A trip inside the construction site revealed that while the project is still a ways off, lots of townhouses are expected. That can't be good for the parking sitch around there, can it?

3) China Basin: And of course, the December 1st deadline is rapidly approaching for the inaugural Curban Planning Challenge. $500 is on the line for whomever puts forth the best suggestions for the 16-acre space currently known as Sea Wall Lot (SWL) 337. Hop to it; after all, being a city planner is way better than being an architect (says Seinfeld).

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