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EaterWire: A16's Next Stop Will Be the Dogpatch

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Introducing the future site of A16, version 3.0.

DOGPATCH—With newbie SPQR continuing to gain momentum in its second month, the team behind A16 will soon turn its sights to its third restaurant in Esprit Park at 900 Minnesota Street. The space, pictured above, is still very clearly in its nascent stages—technically it's, well, nothing so far—but according to the folks down there, the timeline has a fall 2008 debut on tap for a 120-seat restaurant/cafe. Get excited, Dogpatcheroos; your area will be the new black in roughly twelve months. [EaterWire]

PENINSULA—In other restaurant offshoot news, it seems that Espetus Churrascaria will be opening a second branch in San Mateo. From some Chowhounds out on a stroll: "On our walk back home along B St. towards 9th Ave., we walked by what is going to be the 2nd location of Espetus in the Bay Area!! It will be on B St. on the block between Santa Ramen & Everyday Beijing (across from Charlie's Taqueria). No timetable for when they were to open." [CH]