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TablePronto Reservation "Buyer" Revealed

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We queried, you answered. Yesterday, we requested an audience with the person(s) who purchased a reservation to Aqua via online resy scalper TablePronto, and soon thereafter, the following email appeared in the Eater Inbox. Turns out that there probably was no buyer, and rather, the Aqua people may have put the kibosh on the situation, which if true, deserves a round of applause. Here's the letter:

Hey there,

I may be responsible for the resy at aqua being picked up... I'm a waiter at Aqua and I came across some info on this website this morning ...

I sent the info to our VP of Operations and he was fit to be tied. I wrote back and asked what he thought the look on the face of the poor guy who bought one of these would be when they showed up and had no reservation.

He thinks that they call a long time ahead and make the reservations and when it's sold they call again to change the name. If it's not sold they cancel or simply don't show.

I wouldn't be surprised if one of the higher ups called to try get more info on this whole deal.

What a week to be a waiter in this city. First, the front page article in the paper and now this. What's up in this city? Ha ha...

Ladies and gentlemen, this undue strain on the restaurants is precisely why TablePronto "advocate[s] not discussing TablePronto to the restaurant under all/any circumstances." Between tying up reservations for actual prospective diners and the abundance of no-shows, it's just trouble.
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Special thanks goes to our tipster.

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