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Plywood Report Bonus Edition: The Cravery Shall Provide Pot Pies For Pedestrians

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Have you ever thought, "man, if only I could eat this pot pie on the go?"

During our little Mint Plaza company picnic yesterday, we stumbled upon the future inhabitant of the shuttered Cafe Infusion space at 829 Mission (at Fourth). To be honest, we were ready to file the findings at The Cravery under "Ew Alert" rather than Plywood Report. Sure we haven't sampled any of the chain's offerings, but if you ask us, some food items are never, ever intended to be converted into hand held versions. Like pizza cones, pot pies are one of these items. But if you want to walk down Mission whilst munching on a veggie curry pot pie, by all means ... On the other hand, we suppose it's the perfect synergistic complement to that new pedestrian walkway called Mint Plaza.