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Maltese Falcon Returns to John's Grill

Within the hour, downtown icon and Dashiell Hammett haunt John's Grill will unveil the brand new incarnation of the Maltese Falcon at a special luncheon. After the original movie icon was stolen from its perch at John's Grill earlier this year, owner John Konstin decided to commission a new version of the famous statuette after attempts to reclaim it failed. And now, the falcon is ready to fly sit stoically again.

Designed by San Francisco Academy of Art University's Peter Schifrin and his students, new falcon (pictured) has taken on a different, more muscular look from the original one. Furthermore, the new lead falcon weighs a whopping 150 pounds, which will make it considerably more difficult to swipe this time around. We're still not sure how we feel about the original design—call us traditionalists, if you must—but at the very least, it's nice to have a missing piece of history somewhat back.
· John's Grill [Official Site]

Hate it or love it? Your thoughts on the falcon's second coming in the comments field.