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Plywood Report: Red Tape at Brandy Ho's, Basso's, MORE

And now, another edition of the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of restaurants still in the various phases of construction. See some plywood in your hood? The Eater Inbox awaits.


1) The Castro: The second branch of Brandy's Ho'sdue in a week or two—is either nearing completion or has taken a step back, because 4068 18th Street has been decorated in a new coat of tape and plastic. Anyone know anything? [PLYWOOD]

2) Noe Valley: Word on the street is that Basso's, the upcoming pizza joint in the old Cybelle's space at 3782 24th Street (near Church), will be open in the next week or so. The place looks just about ready to roll out: nearly 40 seats, generous space and they'll even offer late hours. [PLYWOOD]


3) SoMa: In the "ways-away" category, we have Fang at 660 Howard Street, pictured above. Sitting right across the street from the Thirsty Bear, there's an exposed, modern-looking kitchen and some early rumblings of booth seating. [PLYWOOD]

4) North Beach: We've got substantial movement on the corner of Union and Grant, with arge planks of wood now blocking off the southeast corner space. Unfortunately, for those of you looking for something new in the 'hood, the plywooded space will be the new home of North Beach Pizza. They are just moving across the street to a bigger space come early 2008. No word on who, if anyone, will take the current North Beach Pizza space. [PLYWOOD]

5) Fillmore: It's no Coffee & Burrito, but Cafe Fillmore, right off Geary and Fillmore, is looking to be a standard cafe/coffeehouse (with burritos?). There's simple dark wood paneling, a barista counter and a dozen or so two-tops. [PLYWOOD]

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