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Jillian's Ushers In San Francisco's Mechanical Bull Era

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It was only a matter of time before the mechanical bull era dawned on San Francisco, and much to the delight of the local bridge-and-tunnel faction, that day will be this Wednesday. Via SF City Dish comes word that Jillian's in the Metreon will throw a Thanksgiving Eve bash, complete with one robotic bovine. Furthermore, the bull somehow won't even be the most questionable part of the evening's activities, as bar-goers will also have the opportunity to bob for Barbie parts in cranberry sauce.

On a more serious note—i.e., bulls and Barbie aside—Jillian's is also partaking in its annual fundraising event this week for the Jimmy V Foundation, so if you happen to "stumble upon" the mechanical bull "by chance," do drop some cash for cancer research before you bob for Ken's parts. And remember to move down the escalators in a timely fashion.
· Ride the Mechanical Bull on Thanksgiving Eve [SF City Dish]
· Jillian's [Official Site]

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