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Which Michelin-Starred Restaurant Has a "Bad Score" From CleanScores?

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One local restaurant is in the little red book AND the little red score box.

Of the 17 Michelin-starred restaurants in San Francisco proper, six received perfect scores in their last health inspections. In fact, San Francisco's finest are so fresh and so clean that the average hygiene score is a sparkling 97.3, with none receiving a score lower than 92 ... except one. Alas, there lies one Michelin-starred venue that received a shameful score of 80 in its last inspection, which is grounds for the dreaded "red territory" on CleanScores, everyone's favorite health department violations website. Among the health code violations at the mystery Michelin:

Major Violations

1. Certain food that is not hot enough or cold enough.

Minor Violations

1. Food stored improperly.
2. Dirty utensils/equipment.
3. Improper utensils/equipment.
4. Inadequate cleaning fluids.
5. Deteriorated walls/floor/ceiling.

Alright, kiddos: which Michelin-starred restaurant has a health code score a full 17 points lower than the rest of the starred-restaurants? A full list of the star-holding candidates can be found here; the answer will be revealed later today, so let the speculation commence ... now.
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