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Curbed Rumblings: Curban Planning, Mapping the Gays and Earthquake Fun

With the birth of Eater SF came the resurrection of Curbed SF. Every Friday, we are thrilled to bring you the highlights from our big sister's week.

1) Mission Bay: Think you've got what it takes to be a city planner? Do yourself a favor and enter the first Curban Planning Challenge: "Folks, we have our own 16 acres' worth of no-man's-land to deal with: What ever shall we do with Sea Wall Lot (SWL) 337, the site south of China Basin Channel (in Mission Bay) that is currently used for Giants and commuter parking." Oh, and there's a $500 prize. Start your engines.

2) The Castro: The Gray Lady decided that the Castro "gay enclave" is now pretty passé and has the nonsensical maps to prove it.

3) Citywide: As you surely heard (if not felt), there was a bit of an earthquake this week. A little research by the Curbed Dept. of Stats reveals that only 12% of Californians have earthquake insurance. Now that the city's a-rocking, will uninsured folks come a-knocking?

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