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Restaurants, OpenTable Investigating TablePronto

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Last week, local restaurants grew a bit perturbed with the advent of reservation scalping service TablePronto. Though the end result of the situation isn't known yet, it's safe to say that the industry doesn't like it, some diners will resort to it and so forth. To put a cork on the issue (for now), we're going to turn the floor over to Aqua GM Jean Claude Persais, who would like to share his thoughts on the matter, which we suspect are similar to the sentiments of other local restaurants:

Thank you for letting us express our opinion concerning tablepronto. It came to us as a surprise. We are wondering when these people are making reservations, for what time and for how many people? Do they call us to cancel if the slot booked has not been sold? Open table is working with us to see if they reservation system is also being used.
I'm investigating to discover if we are losing reservations at prime time while we could have had business! Furthermore, this is not providing us with a good image. What is the state of mind of a customer who had already paid money to get into our restaurant? Advertising our name in such a fashion does not meet our approval, and this is not a good feeling to have when our main intention is to provide the ultimate service to our guests!

Anyway, this is another challenge we must work with all our competition. We are very grateful to our guest and will work, to the best of our availability, on maintaining their trust for future reservations.

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