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That's Rather Hideous: Americano Erects Greenhouse

Americano's newest installation, on the left

On the other coast, one of the telltale signs of the changing of the seasons is the arrival of the Balthazar entrance enclosure. Here in San Francisco, it's pretty much 65 degrees and foggy year-round, negating any seasonal installations for the most part. Thus, the question is begged: why would Americano erect the above canopy over its supremely picturesque outdoor area? Despite being a bit of a FiDi shitshow during Friday happy hour, Americano still boasts one of the finest views in the city. It's right on the Embarcadero, overlooking the water, the Bay Bridge and the Ferry Building, so we are at a loss to rationalize the installation. Are the 15 heat lamps not sufficient for warmth? Plastic enclosures, by the way, do not work well with rain. Can you say greenhouse effect?

Who needs a panorama of the Bay when you've got foliage like this?

*shaking our head and silently judging

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