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EaterWire: Baobab's True Bollyhood Story

Bollyhood Cafe: satisfying all your Indian tapas yens.

THE MISSION—The third location of the Bissap Baobab family has finally been confirmed. Marco Senghor's new restaurant will be at 3376 19th Street—right next door to Little Baobab—but unlike his two prior African endeavors, restaurant the third will be called Bollyhood Cafe and will focus on Indian tapas. In addition to dinner service, there will be a flashy brunch that incorporates "the best of Bollyhood, Baobab and the Mission" (we don't know how to respond to that either). Senghor is aiming for a December 11 soft opening, with a grand opening sometime in January 2008. [EaterWire]

SOMA—You may want to file this under rumor mongering, but there have been rumblings that ballpark neighbor 21st Amendment is looking to expand. According to the 21st people, they are indeed considering expansion, but nothing on the horizon, as their focus is concentrated on getting their incipient canning business off the ground. However, possible destinations tossed around include Seattle and here in the Bay, Emeryville. [EaterWire]

UNION SQUARE—The annual Holiday Winemaker Dinner at Millennium has been announced, and the featured vineyard is Santa Cruz's Storrs Winery. It takes place Tuesday the 4th, and $65 will get you a 5-course prix fixe menu with wine pairings, which seems to be a deal of sorts. [EaterWire Inbox]

Enjoy the holiday weekend, kids. We'll see you back here on the other side of it. As always, your sightings, tidbits, complaints and the like to Ci vediamo.