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Ghirardelli Rising: O'Neill's At the Ready

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In the "any day now" category, we have O'Neill's Irish Pub at the foot (basement?) of Ghirardelli Square. Sitting right on Beach Street, owner Eoin O'Neill and his gang are putting the finishing touches on O'Neill's. An opening date has yet to be set, but they are merely awaiting the green light from the powers that be. In the meantime, Guinness barrels are ready to double as tables, and as we speak, the windows are being shined and kitchen is gearing up. Plus, that mural of jolly Irish icons drinking with Eoin O'Neill is up on the wall, and we're just suckers for murals. Here's a closeup:

From left: Sinead O'Connor, mystery woman (?), Daniel Day Lewis, James Joyce, Bono, JFK, Maureen O'Hara and Tommy Carcetti-look-alike O'Neill.
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