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EaterWire Midday Edition: Cafe Claude's Alley Takeover Takes an Italian Twist

UNION SQUARE—Fresh off the annual Beaujolais celebration, Cafe Claude continues to colonize its quaint Union Square alley. With one project called Gitane already in the works at 239 Kearny (the old Blupointe space), restaurateur Franck LeClerc now has a second development on his hands right next door at 5 Claude Lane. The twist is that the new place is going to be a departure from his usual Gallic sensibilities: it will be an Italian restaurant called Cinque. February/March are the anticipated debut dates for both Gitane and Cinque. More details en route, surely. [EaterWire]

STONESTOWN—Fine food aficionados, we have a mall burrito sighting: "Owners Larry Powers and Dan Strassberg, both Terra Linda residents who developed the space with two silent partners, hope to create a national chain based on their concept of gourmet burritos and tacos, featuring a variety of ethnic food concepts. They plan to open a second Pacific Burrito in San Francisco's Stonestown Mall by January." [Marin Independent Journal]

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Cafe Claude

7 Claude Lane, San Francisco, CA 94108 (415) 392-3515


6 Claude Lane, San Francisco, CA 94108 415 788 6686