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Yoshi's Might Inspire Pac Heights, Not The Fillmore

While nearly every single local publication waxes poetic on the imminent rescue of the Fillmore District by Yoshi's tomorrow night, BeyondChron takes a more negative—dare we say, practical?—stance on the jazz club behemoth's arrival, suggesting that

But a visit to Fillmore Street will leave most observers deflated rather than exhilarated. Yoshi's is surrounded by Agency-backed fast food businesses like Panda Express and Subway, and this section of Fillmore lacks the economic vitality and street energy that existed prior to the arrival of the Redevelopment wrecking balls.
But that's not all. Logical theories abound that the Yoshi's influx—hundreds of people are expected nightly—will result in substantial spillover for Pacific Heights restaurants up the street, rather than local Fillmore restaurants:
The most logical beneficiaries of Yoshi's and the Jazz District are the many quality restaurants on Fillmore lying north of Redevelopment's border. It is not far afield to conclude that these Pacific Heights establishments will gain far more Yoshi's spillover than the less costly restaurants on Divisadero, or other nearby African-American owned establishments.

The Fillmore is one of the least improved commercial strips in San Francisco over the past three decades. Such is the power of Redevelopment to stifle creativity, and we can only be thankful that other areas once targeted for Redevelopment -- such as the Mission -- escaped the Fillmore' fate.

Not to get all Debbie Downer here, but the man has a point. Whether the Fillmore is doomed or not is a question that only time will answer, but a quick glance around Yoshi's surrounding blocks—neighboring 1300 aside—yields a pretty bleak dining scene. Powell's has shuttered, the new Spices across the street is always empty, and big chain restaurants dominate the rest of the landscape.
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*UPDATE 2PM—Parties interested in the Fillmore's restoration from a non-restaurant angle would do well to check out Curbed SF's take on the matter.

Care to make some predictions on The Yoshi's Effect? Your thoughts in the comments field.

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