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How To Save San Francisco: Ban Pizza?

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A sad reality of the current state of affairs here in the Bay Area is that nearly every foggy morning brings news of another violent incident, whether it be a shooting in a popular movie theater or the death of a delivery man. But don't worry folks, city officials have the answer to all the city's problems: a pizza ban. Yes, a pizza ... ban:

Drunks next year may leave the Broadway strip on empty stomachs if city officials move ahead with a suggested ban on early-morning pizza sales in the neighborhood, which some say could curb violence, rowdiness, public drunkenness and littering.
If the ban actually passes, a pair of local pizza establishments—Cable Car Pizza and Broadway Express Pizza—could face closure, as they basically rely on the local late-night sales boom. While eliminating the pizza threat may hasten the exit of the drunks, it would seem to eliminate a cash cow for local eateries while simultaneously not solving the actual problem of drunken violence in the Broadway clubs. On the other hand, one police officer is quoted in the article as saying the area simply needs another late-night destination so crowds don't congregate at Cable Car and Broadway Express. Maybe Horizon knew what it was doing with that odd location after all?
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