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EaterWire: Beef, It's What's For Debate

No, charbroilers aren't dangerous in the Original Joe's way.

CITY-WIDE—Taking the cake in today's ridiculous restaurant news, an anti-smog group of crazies say beef (yes, beef) emits too much air pollution when charbroiled. To counter the threat, they are proposing a law that would force restaurants to install $60,000 worth of equipment that would limit the pollution caused by beef in particular, since it is more dangerous than fish or poultry (really). Our favorite quote from the article: "Charbroiler pollution is small compared to diesel cars, the group said." Well, now that that's clear... [CC Times]

CHINA BASIN—It's your last chance to enter our sister site's inaugural Curban Planning Challenge. The deal is that the creative person who comes up with the best mixed use plan for SWL 337, better known to us layfolk as the 16-acre parking lot to the south of the ballpark. Earlier today, Curbed released a sample idea involving some well-known restaurant names: "Why not transform SWL 337 into its very own biosphere? It could totally save the environment and be a mixed-use project: Alice Waters and Cafe Gratitude can collaborate on an on-site restaurant/ spa/ meditation center." Added bonus: we hear Alice totally backs controversial projects, for a price (hint: a half-million dollars worked last time). [Curbed SF]

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