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Plywood Report: Fillmore Grill Resurrects

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How about a late afternoon edition of the Plywood Report to help round out your work day? If you stumble upon some happenings in your neighborhood, drop us a line.

Pacific Heights: While Gavin Newsom and company might be spending their evenings surrounded by world-class jazz at Yoshi's, some think that the biggest beneficiaries of the boom might be the restaurant row directly to the north in Pacific Heights. Since shuttering in the springtime, the red awning at the Fillmore Grill has continued to hold a high-profile space on the corner of Fillmore and Clay. A peek inside reveals that construction is well underway and that a fully-remodeled restaurant will soon land at 2298 Fillmore. It's still unclear if it will be a new place or a resurrected Fillmore Grill, but as the space is a 2x4-laden skeleton, it's still a ways away. More details are surely en route; if you know anything, the tip line awaits.
· Yoshi's Might Inspire Pac Heights, Not The Fillmore [~ESF~]