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Saitowitz Design at Conduit Begins to Connect

Surprise, surprise: more copper pipes—a.k.a. conduits—continue to be erected at the upcoming Conduit, including some nifty ones composing the bar. You'll recall the interior is being designed by none other than modernist architect extraordinaire Stanley Saitowitz, and from some great comments during our initial look at the place about a month ago, it seems that the dramatic interior (while still evolving, obviously) is already proving to be quite the conversation/contention point. The guys on Upper Valencia are already at least a week behind schedule from their initial prognostications for trendy New American restaurant, which isn't incredibly surprising given the scope of the project (peep the rendering). Mid to late December seems to be the word.
· Fall Tracking Report: Conduit [~ESF~]

Your thoughts on Conduit are more than welcome in the comments field. Is the Saitowitz design hot or not?