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Eater Helper: Decent Pizza For a Middle American

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Apparently, Michael Bauer's Pizza Friday installments—while undoubtedly full of factoids (e.g., the thin crust pizza at Little Star takes 10 minutes to bake)—aren't exactly pointing readers in any distinct directions, as the following letter recently made its way into the Eater Inbox:

Dear Eater--
I am a newcomer to this fair city and here's my rant/question for you: is there any decent pizza in the city proper? I am not talking a fancy sit-down pizza, lunch-only, or "it's sold on the street at 3 AM" pizza, but a "normal" pizza shop that would have pizza as their main attraction, offer delivery, and maybe serve beer at the premises?

I have used Yelp to try three different pizza joints so far, all of them relatively-well ranked, and I don't want to order from any of them again (specifically, Amici's East Coast Pizza, SF Pizza in Soma, and Extreme Pizza.) I noticed that some of the reviewers do admit that pizza is not exactly a forte of this town -- is that really so? I hate to say it but as of right now, Minneapolis pizza scene is winning in my opinion but it is too cold right now for me to fly back for a perfect pie :-(

What do you or your readers think about my lil' problem?

Have at it, kiddos. We have a feeling there must be a couple viable options in town better than Amici's. Sidenote: so no one appreciates 3am pizza anymore?
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The comments field awaits your suggestions for this Minnesotan, eh, sure. Per normal, your restaurant complaints and/or queries to

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Piccino Cafe

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