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SoMaWire: Leather Bar Recalls Miracle Mile, More

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THE MIRACLE MILE—We can't remember the last time anyone referred to SoMa's Folsom Street stretch as the "Miracle Mile," but a potential leather bar opening may bring back the days of yore (yore being the 70s) in the south of Market zone: "If all goes right, the bar situated at 1225 Folsom Street will re-open soon with new owners and a progressive stance in the genre of a genuine 'leather' bar. The pending name of this bar will be Chaps, but that is subject to change." Given the relentless efforts of the SFPD and Mayor PlumpJack to clean up the area—Exhibit A: Mint Plaza—the city isn't exactly thrilled with this development, since you know, gay bars are obviously a huge source of crime. In an effort to satiate the scared, conservative city officials, the bar owners have proposed something unheard of in the bar world: an 11pm closing time. First the pizza, now the gay bars: see, they're hitting all the troublemakers. [BAR]

MORE SOMA—In a segue too good to be ignored, just a few blocks away on Howard and 11th, Nine will be changing owners at the end of next month. The Thai place had previously gained some notoriety for its menu offerings of nine spice levels, and if you go beyond level four, you are placed in the Hall of Flames. We joke you not. Sometimes we wonder about you, society. Anyway, while it's unknown if the Hall will persist, the new owners will indeed keep the Thai theme. The name is reportedly still up in the air, but Rod Ded Thai Cuisine is the name on the liquor license. More news as it surfaces. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Curbed SF]

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