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EaterWire: Chef Shufflery at The Cake, Further Crabbiness and So Much MORE!

A wise man once said that the news goes on for 24 hours a day. So does EaterWire. Your news items, gossip, sightings, Rosebuds and the like to

2007_11_cake.jpgHAYES VALLEY—Elizabeth Falkner has a new number two at her Xanadu. On the ninth day of December, sous chef William Pilz will be promoted to Chef de Cuisine duties at Citizen Cake. Pilz has already done time with several big-name locals, including Laurent Gras, David Kinch and Ron Siegel. [EaterWire Inbox]

OIL SPILLERY—Seriously, the powers above really don't want this crab season to happen, as the opening of crab season has been delayed yet again. Mind you, this recent delay wasn't caused by anything oily, but bad weather: The fishermen want to go out - this is their livelihood, this is how they make their money; the concern is no longer on the safety of the crab - it's the safety of the crabbers. The problem is weather - it's going to be rough out there ... The forecast is rough seas and strong winds in the crab fishing areas. So the crab fishermen are going to wait for proper conditions." Like flies to wanton boys are we to the gods. [ABC]

JACKSON SQUARE—On a serious note, an issue that we're actually quite passionate about is the tragic situation in Darfur, so we're delighted to encourage folks to stop by Frisson next Wednesday evening for a Darfur fundraiser. Organized by non-profit org Care Through Action and the Frisson folks, the all-inclusive dinner costs $200 and kicks off at 7pm. If dinner happens to be out of your price range, a $25 cocktail reception follows at 9pm. Have a couple drinks, do something for a good cause, please. [SFist]

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