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Hello, Dessert Lounge: Introducing Candybar

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This here is Candybar, quite possibly the progenitor of the San Francisco dessert lounge/wine bar. On Fulton, right off Divis, the idea—headed by Tan Truong—is to provide a mellow neighborhood destination where diners can hang out after a dinner at one of the myriad restaurants in the area (Nopa, Little Star, etc). In addition to sweets, wines from all over the world will be offered and rotating local artists' work shall grace the walls. The front area will be a casual lounge, but in the rear, there will be more formal seating and table service. No details are to be had on the menu, as the Candybar folks are currently speaking to several "big-name" pastry chefs. They are aiming for a mid-January debut, but say that mid-February is probably more likely.

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