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The Dish: Urban Bread, 83 Proof

We told you it was going to be a busy week for The Dish, your source for restaurant openings big and small. See something? Say something.
Soon is tomorrow for Urban Bread.

1) Urban Bread: In case you hadn't noticed, there's a bit of a competition going on between Marina wine bars and Castro cafes to see which genre will be more widespread. The latest entry in the arms race is ply-vet Urban Bread, opening tomorrow near the corner of 18th and Sanchez. A pair of breads (one sourdough, one artisanal) will be baked daily and a host of pastries, sandwiches and similar cafe items will be sourced from local suppliers. Chalk up the delay to city zoning issues. 3901 18th Street, at Sanchez, the Castro; (415) 552-8378 [Eater Staff]

2) 83 Proof: Opening today is 83 Proof, SoMa's newest bar (at least for a week or so). Thrillist has the scoop: "Spaciously classy, 83's nonetheless a defiantly no-frills watering hole, housed in a space that's hosted nothing but bars since the '20s ... In an admitted attempt to repel the "restaurant crowd", 83's foregoing frivolous amenities like food/DJs/concept." 83 1st St, at Mission, SoMa, (415) 572-3368 [Thrillist]