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Wonderful Website Prose: Little Sheep

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This weekend's opening of Little Sheep in San Mateo marked the arrival of one of the world's largest chain restaurants in the Bay Area. However, despite another location in Union City, it has come to our attention that many Bay Area residents are not aware that the little Mongolian hot pot restaurant is a chain, let alone a global presence with over 700 locations. Plus, there's a creepy devil-sheep wearing a bowtie, and if films have taught us anything, it's that people—or cartoons—wearing bowties are nearly always evil. To help explain the Little Sheep phenomenon, we took to the official site, and boy, are we happy we did, because there's nothing like some unintelligible website prose to start off a Tuesday morning. In their own words, here is the official story of Little Sheep:

Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company initiated by natural person. The Co., set up in Baotou, which is known as “City of Deer” in August, 1999, mainly deals in chafing dish of special flavor in the form of chain restaurants, combining flavoring and meat processing industry. Little Sheep chafing dish has changed the traditional way of having quickly boiled mutton slices by dipping flavoring into that without dipping flavoring. The meat from the 6-month old lambs on the pollution free Xilinguole grassland together with the pot base flavoring, containing dozens of excellent invigorants, has produced the famous catering brand—LITTLE SHEEP. The chafing dish, with the unique feature of Mongolian catering culture, is famous for its delicious meet, moderate taste, lasting aftertaste and stable soup flavor.
Did ya get all that? Chafing dishes that involve dipping flavoring into that without dipping flavoring, all initiated by natural person.

Despite the automatic translator's shortcomings, Little Sheep is supposedly quite delicious, and both locations have gotten great reviews on Yelp, so if you want authentic Mongolian hot pot, you could do much worse.
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