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Powell's Place Still Resisting Shutter, Somehow

Last week, we discussed the plight of Powell's Place, the mom-and-pop soul food joint in the Fillmore that is quite epically behind in its rent. Now, as pro-bono lawyers and local reverends scramble to save the place, it seems like the tragic tale may soon be coming to a close within days, hours even. From BeyondChron:

PAY OR QUIT!! Yesterday, Emmit Powell, owner of Powell's Place, LLC, had until close of business to pay $125,000 in order to satisfy back rental debts owed landlord Laramar Management Services, LLC, a Limited liability company based in Chicago, owner of the Fillmore Center!! Failure to comply, action would immediately be enforced to recover the property! That's the bottom lime!
As of 3pm today, we're happy to report that Powell's Place remains open and the folks there say that "they're working on it" and expect to remain open for the foreseeable future. Reason for hope: a fiscal plan is being presented to the Fillmore Center people today with the hope of reaching a suitable compromise.But if a payment of $125,000 wasn't made, that can't be good for business.
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Anyone with further information on the Powell's Place doings is encouraged to share.