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Mobile Food Craze Alert: Waffle Truck Hits Civic Center

The waffle truck: Sold. Out.

At roughly a quarter past nine this morning, a Chowhound post revealed the presence of a waffle truck in the Civic Center:

This morning at Civic Center Farmer's market I came across a waffle truck! The man at the truck said that they are usually at the Marin Farmer's Market, but today was their first day at Civic Center ... I tried a waffle (3 dollars) and it was really really good. The outside was crispy, and parts were almost caramelized along some of the edges. The inside was soft and still very hot...almost slightly undercooked, which I loved. The waffle was topped w/ powdered sugar which made for messy eating as I walked around the farmer's market since the powder blew all over my clothes and face. It was, however, delicious.
By the time the Eater Mobile Food Watch arrived on the scene a mere two (or so) hours later, said truck was already sold out of waffle goodness. There was, however, a sign that announced that the iron-baked waffles from So Good—an authentic Belgian chain—would be back next Wednesday. Let the waffle watch commence. Craze very much developing...
· Waffle Mania Belgian Waffle Truck at Civic Center Farmer's Market - SF [CH]
· So Good [Official Site]

*UPDATE 1:40—More photos of the waffle truck can be found in the Eater SF Flickr Pool.

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