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Curbed Rumblings: Adventures in Polling, Plop Art and a Curban Planning Reminder

With the birth of Eater SF came the resurrection of Curbed SF. Every Friday, we are thrilled to bring you the highlights from our big sister's week.

1) Excelsior: Even Curbed has its own instances of shilling, and this week, the dense sleazeball of the week award goes to the real estate agent who doubled his open house as a polling place for Tuesday's elections. The best part, as one commenter says, is that "the people coming to the polls are by definition already neighbors, and therefore less likely to be interested in buying the house." Silly realtors.

2) SoMa: Plop art, apparently, is a big thing down at 170 Off Third & Associates (aka 177 Townsend and 170 King), but while some locals are hopping mad, all we see are sculptures of x-rated mermaids and the bad guys from Pac-Man.

3) Mission Bay: Allow us another reminder for the Curban Planning Challenge. There's up to $500 in prize money up for grabs for the person(s) who has the best plan for Sea Wall Lot (SWL) 337, the waste of space currently occupying 16 acres of land down by the ballpark. Twenty bucks to the first entry that includes a rumored Michael Mina restaurant.

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