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The Dish: Eguna Basque, O Izakaya Lounge, Blue Barn Gourmet, Tasty at Jack's

The Dish is your source for restaurant openings in and around town. Notice a restaurant that recently debuted? We gladly accept your tips.

1) Eguna Basque: If you happen to like crepes—and frankly, who doesn't?—you're in luck, because when Eguna Basque reopens tomorrow, it will pretty much be all crepes, all the time. They've completely abandoned the "cafe" theme and are reinventing themselves as a crepe house. Prices are reasonable, as are expectations to find a decent crepe. 1657 Powell Street, between Green & Union, North Beach; (415) 362-2141 [Eater Staff]

2) O Izakaya Lounge: The Hotel Kabuki's shiny new izakaya is now open ... to hotel guests. We're not quite sure if you have to swipe your room key for entrance or what, but the place has been abuzz for the last couple nights. According to our source, the "official" opening will be next week. In other words, they have invented a new kind of opening somewhere in between soft and official. 1625 Post St, between Buchanan & Laguna, Japantown; Phone n/a [Eater Staff]

3) Tasty at Jack's: A new southern-inspired bar has opened in the Mission. From the official website/blog: "Tasty at Jacks is a restaurant where you can get Southern inspired food in the Mission. Chef Grant Edwards hails from Richmond, Virgina and trained as a chef in Charleston, South Carolina. He brings creativity and love of food to the menu. Tasty is located in Jack's Bar a famous Mission hang out for musicians and artists alike. We hope Tasty will be your home away from home." 2545 24th Street at San Bruno, The Mission; (415) 641-5371 [Official Site, via Tablehopper]

4) Blue Barn Gourmet: The sandwich and salad spot on Chestnut Street had originally hoped to open by tomorrow, but now it turns out that early next week is the date. Until then, please try to do your Marina beautiful-people watching elsewhere, lest you have impeccable bone structure yourself. 2105 Chestnut Street, at Steiner, The Marina; (415) 441-3232 [Eater Staff]

Blue Barn Gourmet

2105 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 415 441 3232