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Eater Sneak Peek: Lots of Motion at Local

Now in the post-plywood stage, Local is looking mighty, mighty grand. If Spruce was the biggest opening of the year, Local just might be its neighborhood-scale runner-up. A specific opening date has yet to be set, but from its appearance, late November/early December remains a reasonable prognostication for Ola Fendert and sommelier Mark Bright's First Street enterprise. In addition to the wood-fired oven and the pictured interior porn, other fun little tidbits include paintings of historic San Francisco photographs (dock strikes from the 1930s) and even better, a self-contained wine shop. The shop will be headed by Bright, natch, and will feature 250 wines upon opening, but he hopes to boost that fourfold in the future. More photos follow:


Now accentuated by a modern mobile, high ceilings greet the Localvore upon entrance.

To the left: counter seating, metal chairs (kudos for the absence of stools).
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