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EaterWire Planning Commission Edition: Honeydoo, Grove Cafe Expansion Approved

Going into yesterday's planning commission meeting, a pair of restaurant-related items were on the agenda, including one certain fro-yo controversy. Let's get straight to the proceedings.

2007_10_honeydoo.jpgNORTH BEACH—Ladies and gents, you can now rest easy: there shall be frozen yogurt on the corner of Grant and Green. After a long and drawn-out affair that saw neighborhood associations battle each other and some froyo disdain, Honeydoo's taxing acquisition of that change of use permit, originally assumed to be a simple affair, was finally approved. More information on Honeydoo's opening date and whatnot is certainly forthcoming, but for now, a sigh of relief is surely in order for the Honeydoo folks, who have been embroiled in red tape since the summer. [EaterWire]

THE MARINA—Also approved late yesterday was the proposal put forth by The Grove Cafe on Chestnut Street. As reported earlier, The Grove had been wanting to absorb the vacant space next door in order to add 660 square feet and 27 seats to its existing cafe. The expansion would also lead to other changes (like evolving into a full-service restaurant), but neighboring Judy's Cafe reportedly filed a protest, meaning that a hearing was necessary. In any event, the expansion was approved by the PlanCo; going forward, look for further updates on The Grove's expansion and changes in the Plywood Report. [EaterWire]

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